Vertical Grill


Grill’s Specs



Length: 15.3″ 39 cm
Width: 15″ 38 cm
Height: 19.6″ 50 cm
Thickness 11 gauge 3 mm
Heating Area 604sq.In. 3900 cm2

Skewers Specs 

Length 19.5″ 50 cm
Width 3/8″ 1 cm
Thickness 15 gauge 1.8 mm

10 Skewers Included

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  • Easy to store. Takes very little space when disassembled
  • No cancerogenic fumes formed while cooking
  • 3mm thick walls
  • 10 skewers capacity
  • Collapsible

The sturdy and durable, 3mm thick, metal walls of this mangal make it reliable under any circumstances. It will not bend or break even at the highest temperatures. Vertical, or standing, type of assembly of the grill, make it compact yet keeping the capacity of up to 10 skewers. Due to it being vertical, the heat of the charcoals, at the center of the grill, is distributed evenly not only to the side, but to the top too. So it is absolutely possible to cook kebab and pilaf or boil water at the same time! Because the skewers with kebab are placed on the sides of the mangal, melted fat from the meat will fall on the conveniently placed tray at the bottom of the grill. Therefore avoiding the formation of cancerogenic fumes when fat drips on burning charcoals underneath it, like it happens in traditional style grills. This grill is very easy to assemble and takes up very little space in disassembled state, making it simple to transport and store!

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