Uzbek Knife Pchak, Saiga Horn Handle


Pchak’s specifics



Blade Length  12.5″ 32 cm
Total Length 14.5 lb 6.6 kg
Blade Width  1.5″ 38 mm
Blade Thickness  8 gauge 4 mm
Handle Material (Saiga Horn) 0.3″ 8 mm

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Pchak – the national Uzbek knife, has a straight wide blade made of carbon steel wedge-shaped section with one-sided sharpening. The handle is made of Saiga horn, the pewter guard (the knife element between the handle and the blade) is engraved. Saiga horn is a traditional material for making handles of Uzbek pchaks. It has an attractive appearance, high resistance to external influences and high wear resistance. 52100 – structural bearing steel. Quite popular in the bladed environment in Russia and the CIS. Holds the cutting edge for a long time, but has low strength and is not resistant to corrosion (mainly superficial). To avoid corrosion, it is recommended: after each wash, wipe dry and grease with oil or grease.

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