Uzbek Knife Pchak, Bone Handle


Pchak’s specifics



Blade Length  12.5″ 32 cm
Total Length 14.5 lb 6.6 kg
Blade Width  1.5″ 38 mm
Blade Thickness  8 gauge 4 mm
Handle Material (Bone) 0.3″ 8 mm

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Pchak – the national Uzbek knife, has a straight wide blade made of carbon steel wedge-shaped section with one-sided sharpening. Bone was used as the material of the applied handle, and engraving was applied on the pewter guard (the front part of the knife between the handle and the handle). Bone is traditionally used for all kinds of arts and crafts. Resistant to external influences and looks great. 52100 – structural bearing steel. Quite popular in the bladed environment in Russia and the CIS. Holds the cutting edge for a long time, but has low strength and is not resistant to corrosion (mainly superficial). To avoid corrosion, it is recommended: after each wash, wipe dry and grease with oil or grease.