Uzbek Aluminum Kazan With Flat Bottom


Kazan’s specifics



Diameter 15″ | 18.5″ | 21.2″ | 22″ 38 | 47 | 54 | 56 cm
Weight: 8.5 | 13 | 18.5 | 22 lb 3.9 | 6 | 8.4 | 10 kg
Bottom diameter:
4.9″ 12.5 cm
Bottom thickness:
4 gauge 6 mm
Cauldron Material (Aluminum) 8 gauge 4 mm
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Cast aluminum cookware without coating has always been, is and will be at the peak of popularity. There are several reasons for this: the breadth of the range, availability and ease of maintenance and use.
A cauldron, a traditional Asian dish with a spherical bottom, is gaining more and more popularity. This form ensures uniform distribution of heat along the walls: they can be cooked in them, as in ordinary pans, as well as stew, simmer, and pre-roast. A cast aluminum cauldron is especially suitable for those who love pilaf, chakhokhbili and dumlyama.

Cast aluminum utensils are the perfect balance of affordable prices, traditional design and quality tested by customers. This cookware is suitable for cooking in any conditions, including on an open fire. Uncoated cast aluminum cookware cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

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9L/2.4gal, 15L/4gal, 22L/5.8gal (Flat Bottom), 28L/7.4gal

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