Set of Ceramic Pots – “Stolitsa” – 0.65L – 2 pcs.


Pot’s specifics



Diameter 4″ 11 cm
Bottom Diameter: 3″ 8 cm
Height 5″ 13 cm
Volume 0.6 quart 0.65L

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Anyone who has ever tried shchi or borsch, roast or porridge cooked in a real clay pot in a Russian oven will never forget the taste of a delicious dish. Of course, there is no Russian oven in a city apartment, but the kitchen oven also copes well with the task. Here is what their owners value cooking pots for:

In a pot you can cook almost any dish (except, of course, fried);

The thick walls of the clay pot heat up slowly and evenly, so the food in the pot is not boiled, but rather languishes. At the same time, all the useful properties of the products (including vitamins) are preserved;

Pot food is dietary. Almost always, when cooking in pots, you can do without additional fats;

Cooking in pots is very simple - you just need to clean, cut and lay all the ingredients and just wait for them to turn into a divine dish!

So, you bought a set of portioned clay pots or one large pot for the whole family. Where to begin? If you want your pottery to serve you for many years, you need to learn how to properly care for it. This is not very troublesome, you must follow the following rules:

Before the first use, the pots should be washed with soap and soaked in cold water for one hour;

To increase the fire resistance of the pots, it is subjected to seasoning. Seasoning can be done in two ways. First, place the pottery in a container of cold water and slowly bring the water to a boil, then cool slowly as well. Second: boil the pottery for an hour in water with the addition of vinegar;

After use, pots are washed with soapy water or detergent. Do not use hard sponges that can scratch the pot;

Pots should always be kept open: dishes closed with a lid acquire an unpleasant odor;

Clay pots do not like sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, never put the pot on an open fire or in a hot oven - it can crack and burst, do not add cold water or broth to the hot pot during cooking, after removing the dish from the oven, do not place the dishes on a cold surface (preferably on a warm wooden board).

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