Samovar’s Specs



Diameter 10″ 25 cm
Height 17″ 43 cm
Volume  1.3 gal 5 L
Weight  7.5 lb 3.4 kg
Material : Stainless Steel

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Each nation has its own ritual of tea drinking with its inherent attributes. In Russia, this tradition has always been associated with the samovar. However, it cannot be called a domestic invention, because a similar object existed, for example, in the culture of the ancient Romans. And the greatest resemblance to a samovar has an ancient Chinese device equipped with a pipe and a blower.

The fire samovars, are called wood or coal, are the most ancient version of the device. The water is heated here by burning a fire inside a tube, which is located in a container.

Samovar that looks like a can, was a form that became especially popular in the second half of the 19th century. This samovar has the shape of a smooth cylinder. It is beautiful, roomy, durable, and outwardly really looks like an ordinary can.

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