Skewers Swirler


Swirler’s Specs



Length: 26″ 66cm
Width Max: 15.5″ 40cm
Width Min: 10″ 26cm
Body (Stainless Steel)

Included Skewers

Length: 21″ 53cm
Width: 3/8″ 10mm
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If you like delicious meat or other dishes on the grill and you want to spend time with friends, and not spinning skewers, then skewers with an electric motor are for you.

These skewers are a compact and easy-to-use device for preparing meat, fish, mushroom, shrimp, vegetable or fruit skewers in the yard or outdoors.

Thanks to the automatic rotation, the meat does not burn and is evenly fried, so it always turns out tasty and juicy. The rotation speed is adjustable, and the motor that spins the skewers can be powered via an outlet.

The structure is easy to fold and unfold. Skewers fit in a compact bag that you can take with you everywhere.

  • Adjustable Rotation Speed
  • Powered via Outlet
  • Adjustable cooking area
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Foldable
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