Panchenkov Regular Wire Nozzle Stainless Steel




Panchenkov’s nozzle is a dense corrugated mesh made of food grade stainless steel.
Panchenkov’s packing RWP (regular wire packing) is used in distillers and distillation columns to increase the degree of purification of moonshine. This simple device allows you to cleanse and enhance the taste of homemade alcoholic beverages. The convenience of this nozzle is that it can be independently adjusted according to the amount of filling in the tsar of the moonshine still. Stainless steel absorbs sulfur effectively, preventing it from entering the finished product. Due to its properties, stainless steel accelerates the heating and cooling of condensate, which speeds up the process.
Application of Panchenkov’s stainless steel nozzle:
Installing the nozzle is very simple: you roll it into a small roll and insert it into the drawer. You can insert several nozzles at once one after the other, this will increase the efficiency of cleaning alcohol mixtures.

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