Mantowarka Dumpling Steamer 28cm (4 Tiers)



Mantowarka’s Specifics
Type Steamer
Number of tiers 4
Color Silver
Brand Wetlif
Country/Region of Manufacture Germany
Material Stainless Steel
SKU: WetlifSteamer_28 Category:

This dumpling steamer is meant to prepare perfectly steamed Chinese or oriental dumplings ("Manty"), but can also be used to cook every possible steamed dish you can imagine! The steamer is constructed in the shape of a large pot, divided inside into two parts. Water for making steam is poured into the lower compartment, while food is placed into the 4-tiered upper compartment (can be used with 1 to 4 compartments at the same time). The lower compartment could also be used as a simple casserole with the cover.


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