Cast Iron Kazan 15L-4gal


Kazan’s specifics



Diameter 17″ 43 cm
Weight: 37 lb 17 kg
Lid Weight 12 lb 5.5 kg
Cauldron Material (Cast Iron) 0.3″ 8 mm
Lid Material (Cast Iron) 0.3″ 8 mm
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Before you purchase please be informed that these cauldrons / kazans are hand made using an ancient technique, therefore they do have aesthetic imperfections. But be assured, it does not prevent it from making amazing Pilaf !!

A Kazan has many names around the world.

Some call it qazan, qozon, cazan, ghazan.

It is wastly used in many traditional cuisines, including Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Afgane, Uyghur, Armenian, Russian, Turkish and many more.

It's unique shape and material makes it irreplaceable in preparation of many different meals such as Pilaf, Lagman, Chorba, Baursak, etc.

This particular item is made with respect to the classic ancient technic. The kazan is made 100% out of cast iron, including the lid. It's treated in a traditional way seasoned with burned vegetable oil, no chemical coats or enamels, all natural as it was for centuries before.

All these kazans have slight aesthetic imperfections which are normal due to the way the the iron is pored into molds.

This kazan pot, as any other cast iron dish, requires special care, instructions will be provided in the package, different other variations can also be found on internet.

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