Econom Mangal Grill No Skewers

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Grill’s Specs?



Length: 18.5″ 47 cm
Width: 11.5″ 29 cm
Height (Legs Folded): 5″ 12 cm
Grill body (Stainless Steel) 21 gauge 0.8mm
Grill Legs (Stainless Steel) 6″ 15 cm

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These Compact Charcoal Grills have been tested and sold in Europe for many years and today are available in USA and Canada

The grill is also called Mangal, Kebab Grill or Brazilian Barbecue and is used to cook Souvlaki, Kabab, Shashlik, Mechoui, Kharovats, etc.

Its size and design allow you to use it in two different ways. The BBQ could be used with skewers or with a grill top grid for anything from stakes to chicken.

Fully Stainless Steel Compact size Grill. (Capacity of 10 skewers)


-Stainless steel skewers are optional, please see item variations to add them if you need any.

-1 pair of tongs (Free).

-1 grilling grid (Free).

-2 grid holding clips (Free).

- Charcoal holding grid allows a better aeration under the charcoals.

-The handles' design allow you to carry it even when the grill is hot.

-The legs can be folded for ease of transportation or storage.

-Adjustable vents on both sides of the grill allow you to control oxygen input, provide an even air flow and prevent spot heat .

-Perfect distance between the charcoal holder and the grill top.


Please Note:

-All boxes will be opened prior to shipping in order to immobilize the content for safe shipping and to add skewers if necessary.

-Requires a some basic and easy assembly, Vents Valves and Handles Only. (No tools required)

-Protective blue film must be removed before use.


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