Distiller “Magarych” Premium 2/20L

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Distiller’s specifics



Boiler Barrel Diameter  10.2″ 26 cm
Boiler Barrel Height  15.3″ 39 cm
Boiler Barrel Neck Diameter 
3.9″ 10 cm
Thump Keg Diameter 4.3″ 11 cm
Thump Keg Height 3.5″ 9 cm
Condenser Diameter
5.9″ 15 cm
Condenser Height 2.75″ 7 cm
Total Height 27.5″ 70  cm
Capacity  3.7 gal 20 L
Weight: 9.4 lb 4.3 kg
Made in Russia

Moonshine still MAGARYCH Premium is a distiller, in which a thump-keg is installed between the distillation boiler barrel and the flowing condenser.

The vapors from the boiler barrel condense on the walls of the thump keg, and then the ethyl alcohol boils again. This allows the distillate to be purified from fusel oils, which significantly increases the quality of the finished product. Also, the thump-keg prevents the boiling mash from getting into the condenser coil.

The thump-keg tank is separated from the condenser and boiler, which greatly simplifies cleaning and maintenance of the distiller.

Distillation principle: First put some fermented material into the big steamed bucket; then heat by induction or stove, it will generate steam; Next put some cold water into the small brass steaming bucket; After cooling the steam will generate the distilled water. If you put the wine materials, it will generate the wine.

Made in Russia

Package Include:
1 Boiler Barrel 20L
1 Thump Keg
1 Condenser
1 set necessary accessories including exhaust valve, silicone tube, seals, gaskets, instruction.

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