Аппарат колонного типа MAGARICH NEO

WORK IN PROGRESS Distiller’s specifics



Длина 10.6″ 27 cm
Ширина 10.6″ 27 cm
Высота 31.5″ 80 cm
Вес: 12.5 lb 5.7 kg
Материал: Нержавеющая сталь
Сделано в России


WORK IN PROGRESS Distiller MAGARICH EXPERT induction is equipped with an original refrigerator with a water jacket, which allows to increase the cooling area while maintaining small dimensions. All equipment is mounted in the form of one column with a side connection for the product intake hose. The diameter of the drawer side is increased, which eliminates the threat of blockage of the steam line. The distillation column-reflux condenser works as a dry filter, condensing heavy fractions on the way to the refrigerator and sending them to the settling tank. At the outlet, the purified fraction of raw alcohol without fusel oils is condensed. The distiller is also equipped with an additional cooler for ready-made moonshine.

Сделано в России

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