Distiller “Magarych” Lider 14L

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Distiller’s specifics



Boiler Barrel Diameter 
10.2″ 26 cm
Boiler Barrel Height  12.2″ 31 cm
Boiler Barrel Neck Diameter 
3.9″ 10 cm
Thump Keg Diameter 4.3″ 11 cm
Thump Keg Height 3.5″ 9 cm
Condenser Diameter 5.9″ 15 cm
Condenser Height 2.75″ 7 cm
Total Height 25.6″ 65 cm
Capacity  3.7 gal 14 L
Weight: 11 lb 5 kg
Made in Russia

Boiler Material: Stainless Steel

Cooling Pipes Material: Top grade red copper

Cooling coil cooler: Copper pipe to shape


Thanks to the double thump keg, the MAGARICH LIDER distiller allows you to get cleaner raw alcohol when distilling mash. Suitable for all types of stoves - electric, gas, induction and ceramic. Thump kegs are located vertically above the boiler barrel. You can open thump keg and add flavors (chips, zest) there. In this case, aromatized alcohol will be obtained. During distillation, fusel oils settle in the first thump keg, so it must be rinsed periodically. In this model, the coil is located in the flowing part of the condenser, therefore, to obtain condensate, the condenser is connected by means of hoses to running cold water. Two nozzles on the cooler are designed to connect hoses and cold water flow.

Made in Russia

Package Include:
1 Boiler Barrel 14L
2 Thump Keg
1 Condenser
1 set necessary accessories including exhaust valve, silicone tube, seals, gaskets, instruction.

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