10 Квадратных Шампуров Длина 50см


Специфика шампуров



Длина 19.75″ 50cm
Толщина 8 gauge 4mm
Материал Нержавеющая сталь

Set of 10 superior quality Skewers made of food grade stainless steel, 100% safe.

Each skewer contains twists at the handle that enhance and simplify the cooking process. The twists are designed to fit on the lip of any grill at any angle for turning and positioning them at any angle for more thorough cooking. The skewers are engineered to remain rigid and not bend under the weight of the meat. The twists trap heat in the body of the skewer while keeping the handle cool and easy to work with. These are rust proof food grade polished stainless steel skewers and are designed to last a lifetime and are dishwasher safe.

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